Some more facts 

The Bismarck was one of the most famous warships of WW2. It only sailed for one mission, Operation "Rheinübung" (a mission to hit-and-run British merchant shipping), before sinking on may 27th 1941 as a result of the royal navy residence and perseverance in the Atlantic ocean. Nearly 3500 seamen lost their lives in the battle which lasted around 8 days. 

HMS Hood was launched in 1918 and was armed with 8 x 15 inch guns, 12 x 5.5 inch guns, 8 x 4 inch AA guns, 24 x 2 pound guns and 4 x 21 inch torpedoes. It was 44,600 tons, had a crew of 1,419 and was faster than the Bismarck with a maximum speed of 32 knots. It was Captained by Vice Admiral Lancelot Holland.